Workers’ Compensation & Work-Related Injury Litigation

Industrial and Work Related Accidents in Louisiana

Louisiana is blessed with a great deal of industry, including oil and gas, shipbuilding, rail, petrochemical refining, agricultural, fishing (shrimp, crawfish, crabs, etc.), and many others.

These industries and others provide many well paid employment opportunities for the citizens of Louisiana. But as those who work in industrial settings know, it’s very dangerous working around machinery and heavy equipment.

And for that matter, it’s not just industrial sites that present dangerous conditions for workers. Construction workers, electricians, A/C repair technicians, utility workers, machinists, auto mechanics, and countless other workers encounter dangerous working conditions every day.

Multiple state and federal laws come into play when determining the best way to enforce your rights to compensation. Whether your claim for compensation will be restricted to workers’ compensation benefits, either state or federal, or whether you are entitled to more than workers’ compensation benefits involves a complicated analysis of the facts and circumstances giving rise to your injury and the identities and roles of all persons and companies involved.

And while no two situations are the same, if you are injured on the job, even if no one is fault for causing your injury, you are generally entitled to certain workers’ compensation benefits as a matter of law. You are entitled to a certain portion of your average wages, all reasonably required medical expenses, mileage expenses, and other benefits. You are entitled to choose your own doctor and have the employer or its workers’ compensation insurance company pay for it. You have rights, but to exercise them, you need a lawyer that knows the ropes in workers’ compensation.

Whether you may be entitled to more than just workers’ compensation depends on a variety of factors. Important questions include:

  • Was some person that is not your co-employee cause or play a part in the accident that produced your injury?
  • Did a piece of equipment or machinery play a part in the accident that produced your injury?
  • Are you employed aboard a ship or vessel?
  • Where did the accident occur?

These and many other questions are important to consider in determining how to best protect your rights. In order to best protect your rights and your family’s well-being, it is critical that you hire a lawyer familiar with the intricate workings of the various state and federal laws that apply to your circumstance.

If you have been contacted by a representative of the insurance company for the other side, beware that the insurance adjuster will make it seem like you do not need an attorney. That’s nonsense. They want you not to get an attorney so they can avoid paying you what a good lawyer will require. If you are relying on the insurance adjuster to ensure that you get everything you are entitled to under the law, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The insurance adjuster works for the other side, and you are now in a battle for your rights. You cannot rely on the opposition to take care of your needs. You need an attorney. You and your family deserve a lawyer that will listen and help. We are those lawyers. And while we hope you call us, we urge you to call an attorney whether you call us or not.

Louisiana Workers Compensation Attorney Scott Webre
Scott Webre of  Webre & Associates
Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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