Breach of Contract & Fraud Litigation in Louisiana

Business is built on the sanctity of contracts and fair dealing. Contracts should allow steadfast reliance on the promise and performance of others. When contracts are breached, the nonbreaching party to the contract often suffers catastrophic financial damage. And when a person knowingly misrepresents material facts to gain financial advantage, there may be grounds for the very potent cause of action of Fraud. We fight to provide clients the benefits of their contracts and to diligently pursue meritorious claims in: Breach of Contract; Fraud; and Tortious interference with contracts.

Louisiana Fraud Attorney Scott Webre
Scott Webre of  Webre & Associates
Louisiana Breach of Contract Attorney

If you have need assistance with a fraud or breach of contract claim, contact the commercial litigation experts at Webre & Associates for a free consultation. If you choose Webre & Associates as your Louisiana commercial litigation team, you will only owe us money if we collect from someone else on your behalf. No recovery, no fee.

Webre & Associates represent injured parties in Louisiana and Texas. Attorney Scott Webre handles personal injury cases involving 18-wheeler accidents, automobile accidents, industrial accidents, medical, legal, and other professional malpractice, defective products, work related accidents, as well as claims involving fraud, breach of contract and wrongful denial of insurance benefits.